ilir tsouko

Life in Limbo

Luxury Limbo

After the Taliban took power in 2021, numerous former government officials and employees of American institutions had to be evacuated from Afghanistan. Albania, one of Europe's poorest countries, immediately promised to take in up to 4.000 refugees. 1.870 of them were housed in the Rafaelo Resort, right on the beach of the Adriatic coast, where they mingle with tourists, most of whom are from neighbouring Kosovo. The Afghans are very grateful for the accommodation in what is probably the worlds most unconventional refugee camp. While the majority have left for their destination countries, the USA and Canada, more than 700 refugees are still stuck in the hotel. They are trapped in luxurious limbo as their minds wander between traumatic experiences, family members left behind and dreams of the future. As an observer, one wonders how long a person can enjoy a permanent vacation? 

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